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Dev Aura is the resential Training Centre in Great Britain

Dev Aura, a beautifully restored country rectory, is the residential training centre for ‘Aura-Soma Academy’. Dev Aura is an independent colour education and training academy which organises and hosts courses on the Aura-Soma Colour-Care-System® and the wisdom-teachings that support it. Formerly the home of Aura-Soma founder Vicky Wall, Dev Aura, meaning ‘House of Light’, has become a place of peace and inspiration which embraces visitors and students with a sense of the depth and caring that goes into everything we do. Over the years we have lovingly tended Vicky’s gardens and her famous hugging tree, incorporating a meditation sanctuary and private nature-nooks for study and contemplation. We also refurbished and expanded the interior to hold some 80 students in the training room which is joined to a solarium and dining hall open to the light and greenery of nature. The Aura-Soma Academy offers a full programme of educational and training courses at Dev Aura for teachers, practitioners and any who are interested in learning about the mysteries and meanings of colour and related subjects. Located in the small village of Tetford in the Lincolnshire Wolds of England, Dev Aura is also open to day visitors for a personal colour consultation or tour with a member of staff to learn more about our work in the peaceful and gently restoring vibrations of the centre. As our course schedule permits, we also offer Dev Aura as a conference and course venue to other organisations. We can accommodate approximately 25 persons within the Dev Aura residence, up to 8 in the cottage of Shalom, situated within the Dev Aura grounds, with additional space provided in the village and its surrounds. We offer seasonal vegetarian meals made with our own biodynamically grown vegetables and herbs from Dev Aura’s gardens as well as our 500-acre Shire Farm or neighbouring organic farms. We recently acquired another 44 acres next to Dev Aura which has been converted into Demeter-certified biodynamic farmland as well.

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